Writer, painter, bipolar refusenik and cancer thriver into green things for a sane and sustainable future.

House of Bread is based on my own experience of being sectioned and hospitalised in my twenties has been promoted by Rethink, the Mental Health charity and is on the reading list at Brighton University School of Nursing where I have used it as part of their enlightened ‘Better than the Book’ module.

Badric’s Island is a funny feminist novel, a thinly disguised rant about the tyranny of advertising directed towards women and a satire of the media and celebrity culture. It was longlisted for the Aurora Metro Virginia Prize in 2010.

In 2011, whilst writing Dead Pets Society, my attempt to address our environmental challenges, I received a cancer diagnosis.

Love, Medicine & Mexico is an account of my healing journey.

I also write short stories, a couple of which have been long and shortlisted for the Fish short story prize

I restored pictures in London for many years and was lucky enough to work on many Old Masters. I now paint (mostly) landscapes and have exhibited at the Fleet GalleryMy artwork is my way of honouring the earth and the places I love where I’ve walked my dogs, done my thinking and my healing. Time spent in nature has taught me so much, not least about our responsibility to our environment, both inner and outer and about our innate potential to heal both ourselves and our world. Like many, I believe we’re experiencing a paradigm shift, moving towards a more spiritual, compassionate and mindful society and that sharing our truths and human stories, however painful, revealing and challenging that may be, is an important part of our collective and conscious evolution.


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