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Cover image of Cryptograph 'Pull of the Moon' By Denise Franklin
‘Pull of the Moon’ by Denise Franklin

Losing your mum is a big thing; I can only imagine what losing a wife of 53 years feels like. I am so impressed by how Dad, Bruce Nicol, has risen to this most challenging of life events.

One of his outlets has been writing poetry. Last year ‘Cryptograph’, a collection of his early work was published. I read ‘Essence’ at Mum’s funeral: 

‘In this series, Nicol condenses an honest search for a home for the soul, away from political bigotry and formal religious identity, a home he roots firmly in our own hearts and imagination. A powerful and moving collection.’

You can read the full PDF here: Cryptograph

It is available to buy from Amazon here.


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By Amanda
Amanda Nicol Different Stories


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