Amanda Nicol Different Stories

The Art Rats from Space

Illustrated image of Art Rats from Space by Amanda Nicol

Long, long ago and far, far away
Was a place not unlike this
And long, long ago and far, far away
Was a place you could not miss
So green was this globe, so far, far away
A lovely place to be sure
Blue were its seas, and green were its trees
And the air was everso pure.
But the people who lived there were silly
And treated the place like a sewer
And the trees and the fields they got dirty
And the animals fewer and fewer
Till one day it went very quiet
And the rats who lived under the ground
Scratched their heads in total confusion
At the very strange absence of sound
They were used to the noise of the traffic
And the footsteps they heard overhead
So they went up to the surface to listen
To find that the city was dead
Or that’s what it certainly looked like
Though in fact it was just very ill
From the fumes and the smoke and pollution
Making smog that lay heavy and still
So the rats they set off for some charcoal
And some carbon and some compost too
For how to get better from poison
Was just one of the things that they knew
And when they had spread this all over
They went down to their stashes of food
For to keep them purely for eating
Would just have been awfully rude
So instead they did plough and did scatter
And do a great rat dance for rain
And the city and people got better
And got on with their lives once again
And when this new globe was created
(For this does come about now and then)
Rats were sent here on shifts for a back-up
For two years or three, even ten
But until the day comes you may need us
We keep ourselves busy as bees
For art and the rat go together
As closely as cats and their fleas
So remember the dirt and the charcoal
The compost, the seeds and the rain
So if anyone ever should ask you
On the bus or a plane or a train
You can tell them that when mixed together
Though all brown and quite muddy and plain
Without it there would be no flowers
And that’s how the Earth got its name!

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By Amanda
Amanda Nicol Different Stories


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