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Pelican 9/11

Photo of Pelican covered in oil

It’s pelican 9/11
It’s pelican Pompeii
Down in the Gulf of Mexico
Things ain’t going their wayWhat a wonderful bird is the pelican
Its beak can hold more than its belly can!
But its beak wasn’t built as a jerry can
It’s pelican Pompeii

It’s pelican 9/11
It’s pelican Waterloo
They’ve given it a whitewash
A pelican shiny and new
A pelican they prepared earlier
Check it out – they got rid of the goo
Soon he’ll be home with his family
In a sea that’s all clear and all blue!

It’s pelican 9/11
It’s pelican World War 2
Believe that and you’ll believe anything
Cos buddy, you’re goin’ straight to the zoo
But I’m only here on vacation!
It’s all been a really bad dream!
I’ll be goin’ back home tomorrow
Why you laughing? What the hell d’you mean?

It’s pelican 9/11
It’s pelican Apocalypse Now
It’s a big news day for the oil men
Check the share price on Wall St, the Dow
But still it’s a price well worth paying
For fun in the land of the free
For traffic jams wars and pollution
Forgive me if I don’t agree

It’s pelican Armageddon
It’s pelican World War 3
You were lucky you lived the life that you did
That your eggshell survived DDT!
You’re the last one left little fella
You’ll make friends soon enough, wait and see
You’re far better off in this birdcage
There’s broadband! There’s HD TV!

It’s pelican 9/11
It’s pelican judgement day
Just smile for the camera now birdy
The world needs to know you’re OK
Hey turtle! Don’t I know you from somewhere?
How you doing my wrinkly ol’ dude?
What you sayin’ ’bout a joke down the delta?
That’s not funny, don’t laugh – that’s just CRUDE

It’s pelican 9/11
It’s pelican Pompeii
We’re sunk we’re broken we’re busted
2 miles deep 60,000 barrels a day
What a wonderful bird is the pelican
Its beak can hold more than its belly can!


From Dead Pets Society

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  • Nice poem. I think the poetic form quite suits you, because you can be hard hitting in a short space of time. I like the shortish lines and the rhyming: it all flows quite easily and punchily. To me, it seem somewhat similar to Byron’s poetry. I don’t know anything about the construction of poems. Are these rhyming couplets?

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Amanda Nicol Different Stories


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