Amanda Nicol Different Stories

Sea song

Image of seascape painting featuring Hastings harbour Arm by Amanda Nicol

Neptune’s daughter sea salt spring
Drowning in it as you breathe her in
Feeling the drag towards the moon
Gather her up not a moment too soon
Shedding the tears that once she shed
Rocking her on your sea salt bed
Downwards you plunge to sink or swim
Deeper below and further in
Smash of the wave gulping shaking
Up for a breath surface breaking
Clawing her back to dive and swallow
Tide too strong you lead she’ll follow
Under the water still on fire
Dark and deep dangerous desire
Weightless now as they drift together
Rain lashed siren strange heavy weather
Storm blows on throwing up new treasure
Seaweed stones a shell a feather
Sand in oysters turning to pearls
Boys into boys girls into girls

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By Amanda
Amanda Nicol Different Stories


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