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Image of painting - Sussex Downs in Winter by Amanda Nicol
Transition mixed media on canvas 60cms x 60cms

Inspired by walking on the South Downs, repainted endlessly while Mum was ill and dying, this is the only painting I have done this year. The merging of matter into spirit – the indefinable place where the two meet. A completely inadequate expression of the experience of the death of the woman who brought me life, who supported me through that life and who I miss more than I can say.

This painting is to be donated to St Michael’s Hospice, with thanks for their tireless work, compassion and dedication.


asato mā sadgamaya
tamasomā jyotir gamaya
mrityormāamritam gamaya
Oṁ śhānti śhānti śhāntiḥ

From ignorance, lead me to truth;
From darkness, lead me to light;
From death, lead me to immortality
Om peace, peace, peace

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By Amanda
Amanda Nicol Different Stories


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@Sadiq_bahrooz Thank you for sharing your story. I am ashamed of Europe. You deserve every good thing. Good luck ... be safe ♡

- November 16, 2017

Amanda Nicol @amandanicol11
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- November 16, 2017

Amanda Nicol @amandanicol11
RT @iwradiolucy: "We came here with hope" #Exodus should be made compulsory tv viewing across Europe

- November 16, 2017

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